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Over the last 10 years David A. Simon has successfully represented hundreds of Clients and won numerous jury trials. The years of hard work have not gone unnoticed. In solo practice David A. Simon has garnered national and local media coverage for his stellar defense of the accused. In 2016 David A. Simon represented the “Rose Bowl Finger Biter” in a Civil Law Suit filed against the City of Los Angeles. The story was featured on TMZ and The Los Angeles Times. In the same year David A. Simon sued the Cheesecake Factory on behalf of a Client who swallowed a foreign object. The story was featured on San Diego’s own ABC 10 news and ultimately settled for a substantial sum. Whether you’ve been arrested or injured, do not hesitate to call David A. Simon.



Criminal Defense

From common misdemeanors, like driving under the influence, all the way to felony murder cases, David A. Simon has what it takes to defend you against any criminal charge.


A DUI is the most common misdemeanor charge in San Diego County. David A. Simon handles both the court case and the DMV hearing for one flat rate.


If you’ve been injured do not deal with the insurance company on your own. They don’t have your best interest at heart. David A. Simon has recovered over a million dollars for his injured clients.


Whether simple possession or trafficking, a drug conviction can have serious ramifications on your future. If you’ve been arrested do not wait until the day before your court date to call me.


If you have been served with a restraining order or need protection yourself you will need a lawyer familiar with the specific rules of the restraining order hearing. David A. Simon is that lawyer.


California domestic violence laws come in two flavors, misdemeanor and felony. Regardless of which you’ve been charged with, David A. Simon has the tenacity you need to walk away unscathed.